Finale for ‘Growing Rosendale’

750x500_IMG_9497Our local food project ended at the end of March, as did the contracts of our paid workers, Catriona Andrews, Marco Barrella and Amy Nelson, who did so much to ensure its success. Please download the short project description which Catriona has written (pdf). She explains some of the achievements which were made possible by the National Lottery grant over one year. Here also is a short extract from our annual report:

‘Apart from our wonderful new buildings, new toilet and compound, the lottery grant has enabled exciting outreach work in the community, helping to encourage food growing groups and enlarge growing spaces, provided courses for plot holders and their children, on a range of gardening topics and environmental issues. Courses have been offered on sustainable food growing, pruning, landscape design and a host of other things.

We want to thank our workers for the way in which they have been an inspiration and helped to encourage a sense of RAA being at the forefront of education on food growing initiatives as well as being available for members’ queries and for providing refreshments in the Community Building. In addition the project workers have done a lot to improve the landscaping, and the organisation of RAA, updating the records, re-organising the available storage spaces, organising volunteering days and helping to set up the tool sharing scheme.’

On Sunday 30 March the project staff held a successful ‘end of grant’ party with tea, drinks and sandwiches (picture above) which was well attended.