Time for Stores to hibernate

298x447px_copyright_lance_hodgson_raa_summer7The Stores will be open on Saturday and Sunday, 25-26 October, from 10.30am-12.30pm. They will then close for the winter, reopening in February 2015 (date and time to be confirmed).

‘A big thank you to everyone who has helped to run the Stores, the plant sales and to all of you who have supported the RAA by buying through our Stores’ says Lance Hodgson, our Stores Co-ordinator. ‘Both activities have made a profit (the exact amounts need to be verified by our accountants). This profit will go towards paying the never-ending costs the RAA face to keep our unique site in order. We’ve learnt a lot about shop-keeping, which we will act upon next year, but most of all we’ve met some of the lovely, interesting, extraordinary, funny, eccentric, knowledgeable people that make up RAA plot holders and sharers. So, thank you all and see you next year!’