Stores 2015

Our Stores will re-open on Saturday 31 January 2015. In stock we will have seed potatoes, onions sets and garlic; organic vegetable and flower seeds from Suffolk Herbs, Kings and Franchi seeds; 125L compost bales, plus farmyard manure and peat free compost. And here to help you plan your plot are the varieties we will be selling…

298x330px_RAA_summer4Seed potatoes first earlies: Duke of York; Red Duke of York. Seed potatoes second earlies: British Queen; Estima; Spunta; Vivaldi (Albert Bartlett Range) – 2kg packs; Innovator Russet (Albert Bartlett Range) – five tuber taster packs. Seed potatoes salads: Charlotte; Pink Fir Apple. Seed potatoes main crop: Cara; Desiree; Maris Piper; Sarpo Mira (organic); Isle of Jura & Rooster (Albert Bartlett Range) – 2kg packs; Purple Majesty and Jazzy (Albert Bartlett Range) – five tuber taster packs. Spring onion sets: Turbo; Red Baron; Rumba. Shallots: Yellow Moon. Garlic: Vigor.

PS We hope to be able to sell at 2014 prices!