Roy’s master class

On a damp Sunday afternoon in November, a dozen or so plot-holders were treated to a two-hour allotment ‘master class’ given by Roy Moody, a fellow plot holder known to many as the grower of unbelievably huge tomatoes, pumpkins, squashes, and many other edibles! Roy is the ‘go-to’ person for plot holders seeking advice and he generously offered to give this talk to pass on some of his tried and tested methods.

We learned about the importance of planning and preparation – especially at this time of year – and Roy stressed that we should look after our soil as well as we look after ourselves. He covered topics ranging from how to improve soil fertility, the right time to plant (keep an eye on the pigeons!), how to plant, protection from pests (including foxes!), the wonders of clay and how to unlock its goodness, to the best variety of pumpkin seed to sow (these will be on sale in the Stores when we re-open in February!). 

The class was a wonderful opportunity to learn from an experienced plot holder what has worked for him on the Rosendale site – knowledge that can’t be gained from a book or from the internet. Hopefully, Roy will be persuaded to give more sessions and we’ll have the opportunity to learn even more of his secrets!