Café open on Sundays

Rosendale café is open from 2 April for the 2017 season. Every Sunday, between 12.30 and 3.30pm, head for the Community Building for delicious, reasonably priced food served by friendly volunteers. A main course and pudding costs on average less than £5.

Run for the benefit of RAA members and their friends, the café is not open to the general public. It provides a welcome service to plot holders each Sunday, it helps build the allotment community and raises extra revenue for the RAA. Emphasis is on providing a welcoming place for plot holders to come and enjoy a reasonably priced meal. We will try to keep the RAA Facebook page up to date with menus and opening times.

Volunteers needed. Please get in touch with Camilla Brown if you would like to help, from baking a cake, washing up, to running the café for the day. All offers of help are gratefully received.

Please don’t feel intimidated at the thought of running the café. Keep food simple and don’t feel you have to offer a huge choice (although if you want to please do!). Why not help someone else the first time? Let us know if you’d like to do this and we can try and pair you up with other volunteers.