Bonfires are currently allowed on the RAA allotments between 1 November and 31 March but we’d prefer you to minimise the number of times you light a bonfire.

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Alternatives to burning: Composting is best for all plant materials and will benefit your soil fertility. Branches and logs stacked on your plot can form a useful wildlife habitat. Recycling is safer for the environment for anything that can’t be composted. Vale Street recycling centre is right then left at the end of Rosendale Road (visits require booking) or you could use a green waste scheme for individual houses.

If you have a bonfire: Check for hedgehogs/other wildlife buried in any stack before lighting – it is best to MOVE the bonfire to a different location. Only burn dry wood and plant materials. Using a bin incinerator will burn hotter, more completely, reduce pollution and because it can be covered it is safer to leave when still smouldering.

Some don’ts: NEVER burn plywood, chipboard, MDF or any painted or treated wood. NEVER burn domestic rubbish, rubber, carpet, polystyrene or anything with plastic, foam or paint. NEVER use engine oil, meths or petrol to light the fire. Don’t light fires if the weather is very windy or local air pollution is high. NEVER leave a fire unattended or to smolder, douse everything well with water before leaving.