Entering RAA

UPDATE, Coronavirus: Don’t enter Rosendale allotments if you have any of the key symptoms – high temperature, breathing difficulties or cough.

It looks like infection risks will get worse before they get better, so we need to be vigilant to keep the allotment a safe haven for all.

UPDATE, hands: The hand washing taps will continue by the Community Building, outside the main gate and at the two Lovelace gates. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or sanitise after entering the site – under running water. DO NOT use or rinse hands in the actual water tanks.

UPDATE, face: You may or may not want to wear a mask in the open air but always bring one with you. We now have a face mask rule if more than one person is in any RAA building.

UPDATE, space: Keep your distance from others – two metres (three paces) minimum and catch coughs/sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve. The allotments, especially at the moment, is not the place for gatherings or parties. Government Lockdown 2 rules ban more than six people meeting outdoors and we have an RAA limit of four per plot.