Coronavirus: The Community Building is still closed for routine bookings, classes, kids parties etc. Please don’t come into the building without a good reason. We want to keep the building safe for staff.

UPDATE, Masks: We now have a face mask rule if more than one person is in any RAA building.

Safety first: Apart from Covid-19 safety measures and general fire and firework risks, the paths are more dangerous and slippery than usual. So, we would urge all plot-holders to put safety first, avoid fireworks on site and resist the temptation to invite anyone up.

Plot number signs: 70% of plots now have a clear plot number in the corner of their plot nearest to the Community Building – well done as this will save a lot of time over the next year especially as we work with plot-holders over the safety of their paths and plot borders.

But if you are in the 30% who have not got round to it yet – please do! If you want to take time to be creative with your sign – just put up a temporary one to help us.