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UPDATE Coronavirus, new rules apply: The Government lockdown rules have been published and, among other things, you can only meet at the allotments with: – The people you live with; – Your support bubble, or, when you are on your

Entering RAA

UPDATE, Coronavirus: Don’t enter Rosendale allotments if you have any of the key symptoms – high temperature, breathing difficulties or cough. It looks like infection risks will get worse before they get better, so we need to be vigilant to

Water news

Coronavirus: UPDATE: The water flow to the site tanks was turned off at the start of November. Hand washing facilities will remain at all three gates to help reduce Covid infection risks. DO NOT wash or rinse hands in the


Coronavirus: The Community Building is still closed for routine bookings, classes, kids parties etc. Please don’t come into the building without a good reason. We want to keep the building safe for staff. UPDATE, Masks: We now have a face

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The public face for the Rosendale Allotments Association is our website. We welcome any feedback you may have. The site and in particular this news section is kept up-to-date by the RAA website team led by Lance Hodgson. So if