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Dig no more!

Nick Giannissis found Mervyn Hartwig’s feature about his ‘no-dig’ plot here. It set him off on an exploration of cyberspace, a journey he returned from last Spring to put some of the no-dig principles he found into practice on his

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Keep ’em peeled

Most plot holders manage to enjoy their plots without having their possessions and produce stolen and their sheds being broken into. Sadly, on occasions, our site has trouble. In their much-loved movie, Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Wallace and Gromit have

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Bees and the RAA

An inspector calls

Bees have been on Knight’s Hill for millions of years! But it was only in 2004 that hives of honey bees were brought to the allotments. There had been a fair bit of preparation. An observation hive and local honey

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Bob Jackman has added more to the really interesting feature he wrote and shared with us about keeping bees at Rosendale Allotments. Bob and Mary update us on developments this spring with their own colonies and they welcome a new


‘Imagine putting organic, flavoursome food on the kitchen table in a way that saves you time, respects the environment and sustains the soil… without lifting a spade!’ (Charles Dowding). For an RAA website feature story Mervyn Hartwig, who has a