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Don’t spoil the plot

‘King of thieves’ opens in cinemas on 14 September starring Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtney, Ray Winstone, Paul Whitehouse and many more. There was a scene shot at our allotments but did it make the final cut?

Dash to the rescue of Sonic

Here’s a cheery Spring tale from plot holders Clare and Lucy: ‘Clare and I were up on our plot when she heard some rustling and saw Sonic. We fed him some worms which he munched with relish! He was pretty

Award winners!

London Wildlife Trust has been announced as winner of the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award for Community Partnership through their ongoing work with Mace on the Rosendale Allotments depaving project.  Thanks to everyone who contributed their time, thoughts and practical help

Community gardens, London

A short documentary on the past and present of community gardening in London from the point of inspiration. This is the recently released first creation of Brain Pool Movies featuring a tour of our Allotments and an interview with Catriona

Film club?

Would anyone be interested in a film club with screenings in the Community Building? Some movie ideas with an ‘eco/plants’ theme: Wall-e, The day of the triffids, Little shop of horrors, The emerald forest, Silent running, Invasion of the body