What’s open? What’s closed?


UPDATE: Our Stores are open: Our Stores will be open each Saturday and Sunday in September, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Orders can be placed in advance by sending an email to the Stores Coordinator. You will be offered a specific collection time during our opening hours. You can also come along and purchase on the day (using contactless card payments only please).

Toilets closed: They increase the potential for infection spread.

Tool hire service closed: For the safety of staff and hirers involved we have stopped the tool hire service for the time being.

Tool sharing: Plot holders should also not be lending/sharing tools or equipment with each other.

Restricted access: The Community Building and the old Committee hut can only be entered by staff or volunteers approved by the Management Committee.

Entering RAA

Coronavirus: Don’t come to the Rosendale allotments if you have any of the key symptoms – high temperature, breathing difficulties or cough.

We suggest you bring anti-bacterial or antiseptic wipes to clean the key pad locks before use at the three gate entrances then clean your hands after using the key pads.

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water after entering the site – under running water at the nearest tap. DO NOT use or rinse hands in the actual water tanks.

Keep your distance from others – two metres (three paces) minimum and catch coughs/sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve. The allotments, especially at the moment, is not the place for gatherings or parties.

Children under supervision are welcome but they must remain on or very near to their parentsʼ/carers’ allotment. They MUST NOT be allowed to stray onto other plots or roam around the allotments. Any visits by children to the toilet should be supervised.

Water and hygiene

Coronavirus: We are turning on the water early – hopefully by this weekend (21 to 22 March).

– Most water tanks have taps which can be used for hand washing, all you need to bring is soap.
– DO wash hands under running water.
– DO NOT wash or rinse hands in the water tanks.
– We hope to install extra hand washing facilities at the main entrance so people can wash hands easily after entering or leaving the site.

Cancelled and closed

Coronavirus: We have cancelled all group bookings of the Community Building – classes, kids parties etc.

AGM cancelled: The Annual General Meeting was planned for 21 April but it has been cancelled and will be rescheduled in the autumn.

Centenary events cancelled: The summer events involving films and open days are cancelled. We can find other ways to mark the centenary and move some events into 2021.

Plot inspections cancelled: The May inspections will also be rescheduled to later. There is enough stress on plot-holders without having to worry about failing plot inspections. The building will still be used occasionally by RAA staff and volunteers helping run the allotments but we will be avoiding any meetings.

Community Building closed: Please don’t come into the building without a good reason. We want to keep the building safe for staff.

Site safety: When working your plot please give particular attention to safety issues for yourself and other plot-holders. For example any dangerously uneven paths bordering your plots and any sharp/projecting/overhanging objects/plants that could hurt passers-by.

RAA website

The public face for the Rosendale Allotments Association is our website. We welcome any feedback you may have. The site and in particular this news section is kept up-to-date by the RAA website team led by Lance Hodgson. So if you have news or pictures you wish to share, please pass them on – fruit and vegetable ‘selfies’ anyone?

Stuart Russell has designed our website based on a ‘responsive’ WordPress template created by the developers CyberChimps. Each layout adapts to view well on PCs and laptops of different screen sizes, iPads, tablets, phablets and phones.

People use an array of devices to view the web these days, we hope the RAA site works well on yours. If you see any problems or busted links please let us know. Be sure to include details of your PC/tablet/phone type, the browser you use and attach a ‘screen grab’ if you can.

And please, if you need a website designed for your business or organisation contact Stuart!