The Rosendale Allotments, established in 1908, is an 18 acre site owned by The Dulwich Estate on Knights Hill between Herne Hill and Tulse Hill in South London. Rosendale Allotments Association was formed by plot holder members. There are 480 plots on the site and 500 plot holders, sharers and community groups who live in South London or are based nearby.

Organisation. The Association is constituted as an Industrial and Provident Society, registered and regulated by the FCA, and therefore bound by the rules and regulations which govern such bodies. The Association is formed by the members who pay a membership fee.

Committee. The Association is managed by a formally elected committee – elections are held each April at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The committee is made up of volunteer, unpaid members who all have families, jobs, plots, and occasionally lives. All members are able to stand for election and the committee actively encourages members to become involved either as elected members or as co-opted members. Without the committee the Association could not function and could potentially be in breach of its lease.

The committee is constituted of the usual three officers, Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition we have a Membership officer, a Lettings officer and a Meetings secretary. You’ll find more information about the committee, various teams and sub-committess and their works on the Committee and management page.

Buildings. The Association has Stores and a Community Building beside the main entrance to the allotments. Money for the construction of these buildings came from funds raised by members supported by a grant award from the National Lottery. The Stores are opened each weekend during the growing season and offer plot holders tools, seeds, bulbs, young plants etc. at competitive prices.

The Community Building is our resource centre which comprises the Association library, a computer and free wifi broadband. The building is used for workshops, meetings and classes and it can be hired by plot holders and the local community. Proceeds from sales and hiring the Community Building help fund Association activities and keep plot rents down.

Rules and regulations. In general this is a friendly association and most of the rules are simple and common sense, some of them from the Association, some arrived at by consensus, others are requirements of the land owner. If you have questions at all please ask a committee member. The general principle is that plots and the produce grown on them should be entirely for the benefit of the plot holder (individual or group) and their direct family.

Members are not permitted to sell produce; run an allotment plot as a business; or sub-let a plot. Members should not change the nature of the plot in a way that makes it less valuable. Crops should be rotated and manure and compost applied as this helps to maintain the quality of the soil. There are rules regarding water use, bonfires, fences, dogs – for full details please go to our Rules and regulations page.

The Dulwich Estate. The Dulwich Estate owns the allotment land on Knight’s Hill. It is a registered charity which was formally established by the founder, Edward Alleyn, in 1619 and until 1995 was known as Alleyn’s College of God’s Gift at Dulwich. You will find more about the Estate and its history at The Dulwich Estate website.