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Becoming a member - Further information on becoming a Rosendale Allotments plotholder

Catchment area

To be eligible for a plot, your home address needs to be in one of the following postcodes. We will ask for proof of address. SW2, SW4, SW8, SW9, SW12, SW16, SE1, SE5, SE11, SE17, SE19, SE21, SE22, SE24 and SE27

Newcomers are welcome

Don’t worry if you are inexperienced. You can take on a smaller plot if you are more comfortable with that.

Plots need work and time

Once a plot becomes available it will need a lot of work to get it back into shape. Be prepared to put in many hours and a lot of muscle. And once a plot is up to speed, it requires regular attention. An allotment plot will need regular work throughout the year. Allotments are incredibly rewarding but they need continuous attention. Please consider very carefully if you have enough time to look after an allotment.

Plot sizes

A full sized plot is about 125 sq m and a half plot about 60 sq m.

Rental costs

For October 2023 to September 2024 the one-off membership fee is £44 and the annual rent for a full sized plot is £125

Driving issues

ULEZ and parking restrictions around the allotments mean that travelling to us by car can be challenging.

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